Friday, May 18, 2012

The Brick Wall
Has any admin/owners of a gaming clan/community/guild ever had times when they are fed up. Putting jobs off till the next day, and then the next day ohhhh and again the next day. I'm Currently in one of them moods, have been for maybe 3 weeks now. Even worse the other owner is also in the lazy rut. 

How do you guys deal with this brick wall/ Lazy rut moments?

I mean if I was a moderator/officer/admin I would feel okay with taking a few weeks off, go hide. The only problem is I feel I need to be seen most days and have the most of maybe 3 days off.

Regarding our community its going well, the servers are running great for once. Thank you for a brilliant service unlike our old server providers who didn't know their hand from their arse. 

The only difference that has changed, is we have now got a head admin for our main server. We have done this as we need to step away from the main server to be able to populate our other servers and get them running as smooth as our main one. Also we was sad to say goodbye to our Webmin (Website admin) due to personal reasons but not to bad as we picked up the work without to many issues. 

I think a way to stop myself getting lazy, I'm going to have a 'to do' list at the bottom of each post. Also for you guys you can see the kind of workload we do and also you can ask any questions regarding any of the jobs. I might even make videos if you want to know how to do some of them. 

Night all, 

To Do:

Make/ Delete staff email addresses
Fix Server Plugins (VanishNoPickup) - Bane of my life
Name change - Set up the ability for players to buy a name change
Update donation prices - Check exchange rate on the Euro and the Dollar
Make log in for new staff to be able to restart server
Link Servers together via global chat and portals to each server